Welcome. For serious folks interested in my professional brief intro, I’m a creative professional who has worn several creative professional hats during my professional careers. But I currently code front end UI (User Interfaces) for a living. In ancient terms, it means I design web pages. In 2013 I started designing responsive websites. I’m part of a product development team working in a .NET environment developing .NET webcontrols and integrating them into different CMS platforms (DNN, Ektron, Sitecore, Sharepoint etc…)

For general general visitors, I’m just gonna be posting on this page what I feel interesting to the eye to appreciate.

Thanks for visiting.

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I am a front creative professional specialized in front end engineering. I code front end UIs for a living, but I love anything related to the multimedia and design world. My work is on behance.net. You may take a look at some of my work at http://www.behance.net/karimlo Thanks for visiting.